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Based in Orinda, California and serving San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area, Miller Property Law serves creative clients.  Whether you are a business owner, a property owner, or an individual, Miller Property law applies business practicality to provide you with guidance and agreements aimed to meet your unique goals. 

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Areas of Practice

acquisitions and dispositions 

Every purchase and sale of real estate is a major event for buyer and seller alike.  Miller Property Law works with clients to plan their transaction to best meet their needs and to serve as a facilitator rather than roadblock during the purchase and sale negotiation.  Miller Property Law is experienced at assisting clients to close transactions involving multi-family properties, commercial properties, in unimproved parcels in cash-out transactions and in transactions that defer gain under IRS Code Section 1031. Miller Property Law also assists buyers and sellers with transactions involving private residences. 


The meaning of the proverb that "good fences make good neighbors" is well applied to easement agreements.  Easement agreements must be well-planned to meet the needs of the parties often years into the future.  Miller Property Law takes care to talk through the goals of clients in granting or receiving easements, whether such agreements be for access, encroachments, or any other purpose, in order to plan for both short term and long-term needs. 


Financing is a reality of our economy.  The terms of financing deals vary, and Miller Property Law assists clients to understand the terms of financing offered to them and to assist with negotiating the terms for such financing prior to entering into loan documents to fund the purchase of real estate or the purchase of a business or to refinance such loans. In addition to representing borrowers in institutional loan transactions, Miller Property Law assists clients to structure private lending deals in which clients are either the lender or the borrower and to structure solutions in the event of non-payment.


The status of title is vital to every real estate transaction whether it be the purchase of a piece of property, the lending of money secured by real estate, or the entering into of a lease.  Miller Property Law assists clients in reviewing title and resolving questions concerning the status of title.  In matters involving title defects, Miller Property Law applies experience resolving title disputes to clear title for purchasers, sellers, tenants, and lenders.  

Leases for landlords and tenants

Entering into a lease is a long-term commitment for both tenant and landlord.  It is often an exciting moment for a business owner who has found the perfect location, and an equally critical moment for the landlord seeking to maintain or improve the tenant mix. Miller Property Law begins assisting tenants, landlords, and property managers at the very earliest stages of their transactions to help set the pace for a successful lease negotiation.  Miller Property Law assists tenants and landlords with retail, office, and multi-family lease transactions as well as transactions involving leasing of single-family residences. 

Entity formation and maintenance

Forming a company is an exciting endeavor.  Miller Property Law works with individuals, groups of individuals and existing companies to determine the best type of entity to meet the individual need, whether it be a partnership, a limited liability company, a corporation, or a mixture of these entity forms.  In the case of existing companies, Miller Property Law assists with reorganizations, changes of forms, and purchases and sales.  


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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